So, you’ve written your new blog post (or your blog writer has written it for you) and added it to your website. Now, you need your target audience to see it, read it, interact with it and think to themselves ‘hmm, that company really knows their stuff’. But how do you get them to do that?

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Here are 5 easy things you can do to ensure your blog post reaches the eyeballs of your potential customers once you’ve published it:


1)    Make sure your blog post looks appealing

Quickly review your blog post on your website to check it will appeal to your target audience. Ask yourself:

You can also use images in the body of your blog post to visually back up the points you’re making and split the text up a bit.

Use subheadings, paragraphs and bullet points to break your content into digestible chunks – there’s nothing that will scare your readers off quicker than a giant wall of text to read.

  • Have you added an enticing meta description?

The meta description is the short bit of text that appears under the blue link to your page on Google. Use it to quickly tell the reader why they should click through to your blog post, without giving too much away!

2)    Use internal links

Use hyperlinks in your blog to direct readers to other pages on your website that they might be interested in. Using internal links is a great way of keeping your audience on your website and it could potentially help you rank higher on the search engines.

Check if you’ve mentioned a topic briefly in your blog post that you go into detail about in another blog post or service page on your website. Add a hyperlink through to the other page.

3)    Share your new blog post on social media

A great way of getting more traffic to your blog post quickly is by sharing it on your social media platforms.

Here are a few tips on how to effectively share your blogs on social media:

  • Make sure your post is eye-catching
  • Encourage people to share their thoughts on your blog post
  • Don’t just share your blog once, share it numerous times on different platforms
  • Try using different images or different captions each time you share it and see which gets the best reaction
  • Use a link shortener like Bitly to shorten your blog post’s URL. The link will look neater, plus you’ll have more room to write a caption to go with the post. This is important for platforms with character limits, like Twitter
  • If you don’t have time to post your blog repeatedly across all your social media networks, schedule your posts for set times and dates in advance using a social media scheduler like Buffer or Hootsuite. Just make sure you devote time to replying to comments on your posts
  • Use a few hashtags that are relevant to your blog post so people who are interested in the topic can find it, e.g. if your blog is about cutting down on plastics, use hashtags such as #sustainability #recycling, etc. 

4)    Tell your mailing list about your new blog post

If you’ve got an email mailing list of people who’ve opted to hear from you, send them a teaser email to let them know you’ve uploaded your latest blog post.

Use the body of the email to give them an idea of what the blog’s about and how it will help them. Or, give them a snippet of your blog post and add a link to your website so they can read the rest of it.

If a customer has recently asked you about the topic you’ve discussed in your blog, why not email them directly with a link to your new post? You’d be demonstrating that you listened to them and care enough to help them further. 

5)    Post your blog on other sites

See if you can post your blog on another relevant website, ideally with a link to direct readers back to your website. Not only is guest posting great for brand awareness but backlinks from other reputable websites can also be good for your search engine rankings.

Do any companies or professionals in your sector allow guest posts on their site? Or, are there any membership groups or forums where you can helpfully post your blog?

You can also use LinkedIn Publishing to turn your post into an article on LinkedIn. This allows more people from outside your network to find your blog post. Just click on ‘Write an article’ at the top of your LinkedIn homepage to get started.


If you don’t have time to write your blogs yourself, I can write them for you. Check out my blog packages for small businesses that include regular blog posts, ways to share them on social media and a monthly catch-up to discuss blog topics.


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