Having a business blog can establish your company as an authority in its field, improve your website’s Google rankings and help new customers find you. But having a business blog is a big commitment. So how can you find the time to write regular blog posts?

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Decide how often you want to blog

The first step is deciding how often you need to blog to achieve your goals.

When you’re just starting a business blog, it’s easy to underestimate how much time you’ll need to commit to it.

Bear in mind that if you’re doing it all yourself, as well as researching, writing and proofreading the posts, you’ll also need to upload your blogs to your website, format them, find pictures to go with them and share them.

Phew! That’s a lot of work.

Once you’ve decided how often you want to post, you then need to stick to your blogging schedule. 

But how can you carve out the time to write your blogs?

1)  Keep a time diary 

For a week or so, keep a log of everything you do during your working day. You could record this manually or use a productivity app that tracks your activities for you.

Review your time diary after a week and see if there were times you were doing something less productive, like scrolling on social media. Could you have used this time to write instead?

2)  Block out writing time in your calendar

If you want to see results from your blog, you need to make it one of your priorities.

Block out writing time in your calendar and don’t move it unless something really urgent comes up. Be strict with yourself. You wouldn’t move a client meeting at the drop of a hat, so don’t do it with your marketing time either!

3)  Write when you’re at your most productive

Most of us have a time of day when we’re at our most productive. For me, it’s mornings. If you write your blog posts when you’re feeling more energetic, you’ll probably get them done quicker.

4)  Use your commute

If you commute to work using public transport, could you write your blogs on the train or bus?

5)  Keep your ideas log up to date

Thinking of fresh, interesting and relevant ideas for blogs can be hard when you’re blogging regularly.

Write down your ideas whenever you get them, so you don’t have to spend time thinking of topics when you come to write your blogs. I find the notes app on my phone works well for logging ideas on the go.

6)  Use guest bloggers

Do customers often ask you about a related service that you don’t provide yourself?

If you refer customers to trusted associates, could you ask them to write a blog for your site that answers your customers’ FAQs about their area of expertise?

This would allow you to keep to your blogging schedule and provide value for your customers, without spending time writing the post yourself.

7)  Hire a blog writer

If you definitely don’t have the time to fit blog writing into your busy schedule, ask a professional blog writer to help.

Although this will cost more than writing them yourself, it’ll probably save you money in the long run as you’ll have more time to focus on existing client work, finding new customers and running your business.


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