How to make time to write your business blog posts

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Having a business blog can establish your company as an authority in its field, improve your website’s Google rankings and help new customers find you. But having a business blog is a big commitment. So how can you find the time to write regular blog posts?

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5 ways to encourage people to read your latest blog post

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So, you’ve written your new blog post (or your blog writer has written it for you) and added it to your website. Now, you need your target audience to see it, read it, interact with it and think to themselves ‘hmm, that company really knows their stuff’. But how do you get them to do that?

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Why your business should be blogging regularly

Posted in: Blogging

Blogs take time to research and write. It can be difficult to come up with topics that people will care about. Plus, you have a million and one other things to do to keep your business running smoothly. So, why should you bother blogging? Is it worth investing your time and energy in a business blog?

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How to decide what to blog about: 5 tips for small businesses

Posted in: BloggingWriting For The Web

So, you’ve heard about the benefits a blog can have for your small business and want to start reaping the rewards. Posting regular blogs can help new customers find you, increase your Google rankings and keep your existing customers interested in your products and services. “I want to do all these things”, you say.

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Why you should get at least one person to read through everything you write

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If you’ve not done it before, the thought of getting someone to read through something you’ve written can make you cringe, especially if you’re not a natural writer, or you’re not 100% sure about spelling and grammar. It’s even worse when that someone will be reading your work whilst you’re in the same room and giving you live feedback on it.

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