5 easy ways to make your web copy less formal

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Does the writing on your website make it sound like you’ve swallowed a textbook? If so, it’s probably putting customers off.

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Is your web copy putting customers off?

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You’ve worked hard to get your name out there; networking, giving out business cards, sending cold emails and telling every man and his dog about your business. And it’s worked. People are heading to your website to find out more. But when they get to your website, your sales message begins to unravel.

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10 song lyrics that are also great copywriting tips

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The other day, I heard the Scouting for Girls song It’s not about you for the first time in a while. But instead of just thinking back to the heady days of being 15 at one of their gigs, I thought “Oooh, ‘It’s not about you’, that’s also a good copywriting tip.”

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