10 things to look out for when proofreading your work

Posted on Wed 31st Oct, 2018 in: CopywritingEditingProofreading

Proofreading is just about checking spelling and grammar, right? Wrong. Proofreading is so much more than that. Although spotting a spelling mistake right before you publish something is a great feeling, correcting consistency and formatting errors is also important if you’re wanting professional-looking content that’s easy to read.

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Why you should get at least one person to read through everything you write

Posted on Sun 30th Sep, 2018 in: BloggingCopywritingEditingProofreading

If you’ve not done it before, the thought of getting someone to read through something you’ve written can make you cringe, especially if you’re not a natural writer, or you’re not 100% sure about spelling and grammar. It’s even worse when that someone will be reading your work whilst you’re in the same room and giving you live feedback on it.

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5 easy ways to reduce your word count without deleting important points

Posted on Thu 30th Aug, 2018 in: CopywritingEditingProofreadingWriting For The Web

When you’ve spent ages slaving away writing the perfect article, essay or report, deleting some of your precious words to meet a strict word limit can be painful.

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Is your web copy putting customers off?

Posted on Sat 14th Apr, 2018 in: CopywritingEditingProofreadingWriting For The Web

You’ve worked hard to get your name out there; networking, giving out business cards, sending cold emails and telling every man and his dog about your business. And it’s worked. People are heading to your website to find out more. But when they get to your website, your sales message begins to unravel.

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10 tips for proofreading your own content

Posted on Mon 22nd Jan, 2018 in: EditingProofreading

Does the mere mention of proofreading send you to sleep? Or evoke memories of your school teacher telling you to read back through your exam answer when you’ve finished instead of waving at your friends across the room? Unfortunately, your teacher was right. Proofreading your written content is essential. Especially if you want to make sure your business looks professional and credible.

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