How often should you update your business blog?

Posted on Wed 16th May, 2018 in: Blogging

If you’re thinking of starting a business blog, you’ve probably heard of the numerous benefits of blogging regularly. But how do you decide whether regularly means posting daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly?

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Is your web copy putting customers off?

Posted on Sat 14th Apr, 2018 in: EditingProofreading

You’ve worked hard to get your name out there; networking, giving out business cards, sending cold emails and telling every man and his dog about your business. And it’s worked. People are heading to your website to find out more. But when they get to your website, your sales message begins to unravel.

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Songs that aren’t about copywriting but could be

Posted on Sun 18th Mar, 2018 in: Copywriting

The other day, I heard the Scouting for Girls song It’s not about you for the first time in a while. But instead of just thinking back to the heady days of being 15 at one of their gigs, I thought “Oooh, ‘It’s not about you’, that’s also a good copywriting tip.”

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Why your business should be blogging regularly

Posted on Mon 26th Feb, 2018 in: Blogging

Blogs take time to research and write. It can be difficult to come up with topics that people will care about. Plus, you have a million and one other things to do to keep your business running smoothly. So, why should you bother blogging? Is it worth investing your time and energy in a business blog?

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5 common email mistakes to watch out for

Posted on Wed 7th Feb, 2018 in: EmailingProofreading

Emails are a quick way to get a message across to numerous people at once. They can be sent on the bus to work, in a queue, on the toilet; anywhere there’s an internet connection. But herein lies the problem. It’s so easy to send an email these days, our inboxes quickly fill up and we rush to rid ourselves of our ever-increasing number of unopened emails.

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