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Unsure if what you’ve written makes sense and gets your message across clearly?

Want to ensure your text is grammatically correct and looks professional?

Hand your existing copy over to me to run a fresh pair of eyes over your work.

Freelance Proofreading
& Editing Services in Leeds

When you’ve been writing something for that long that you’re sick of the sight of it, it’s easy to glaze over and miss spelling and grammar errors in your work. But even the tiniest of errors can be costly as the quality of your written content reflects the quality of your brand.

Poor spelling looks unprofessional. In this day and age, when you have a split second to make an impression on potential customers, ensuring your content is error-free is more important than ever.

If you've written something that needs a good grammar check before publishing, or if your existing web content needs a makeover, hand it over to me to ensure your copy looks professional and you don’t lose custom over something as small as a misplaced apostrophe.

Kate Greenwood Proofreader Leeds

I can proofread and edit:

  • Blogs/articles
  • Web pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Business reports
  • Tenders
  • Client presentations/proposals
  • Leaflets, flyers, catalogues and booklets
  • Any other marketing materials

My proofreading and editing services include:

  • Checking spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Checking the consistency of format, layout and style (headings, capitalisation, font, hyphenation, dates, numbers, etc.)
  • Ensuring your work makes sense and that your intended audience will understand it
  • Checking your tone of voice is consistent  
  • Improving the readability and flow of your work
  • Minor fact checking

How I make the changes:

If it’s a Word document, I can proofread/edit it using Track Changes.

If it’s a PDF, I’ll use Adobe’s mark up tools.

If it’s an old-school proofread on paper, I can use the British Standard Institution (BSI) proofreading symbols.

Or, if you prefer, I can return the edited copy to you fresh and clean (without displaying any of my changes). 

Freelance Proofreading Leeds

How much does proofreading/editing cost?

The price depends on the length and type of document and how much proofreading or editing is needed.

Please send me a sample of your document or as much detail about it as possible and I'll send you a bespoke quote.


Does your content need a thorough read-through? Get in touch today. 


Angela Hinton

Angela Hinton,
Director, Fit4Work

As I’m not very confident with grammar, possibly because I’m a little dyslexic, I thought using Kate’s services would reduce my stress levels and increase the speed at which I could complete reports which needed to be sent out to my clients. Kate’s speed and accuracy of dealing with my reports is great. She makes my report writing service very efficient and stress-free. Big thank you Kate :)

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